The concept

The idea behind the creation of Winds Corner is to provide a quality service at a fair price and affordable to all our customers in the repair and maintenance of wind instruments. In response to market demands and the various offers available in the field in relation to the luthier and instrument repair, we will offer a rigorous and honest service, where the reform of the instrument requires an analysis of the elements necessary for it to avoid unnecessary substitutions of the different materials that make up the instrument and its mechanism. Moreover, as each instrument comes to the studio with its own and non-transferable characteristics, we offer the adaptation of the budget for each case, including in the final price only the actual hours devoted to the repair. This way, always in pursuit of customers satisfaction, we seek to avoid the usual practice in such cases: the standardization of replacing old materials with new ones (regardless of the state of the former) and the generalization of working hours employed in it, offering repairs at a competitive price and accessible to the customer without sacrificing quality.