The service

Providing a quality service at a fair and affordable price is the idea behind the creation of Winds Corner, where all the work is based on achieving the complete satisfaction of our customers. To this end we intend to provide an individualized and unique service in each case, because each instrument (and the accompanying story) is unique. The repair process is divided into four phases:

  1. Costumers visit and Instrument analysis.
  2. Disassembly and cleaning.
  3. Protection and hydration.
  4. Final assembly.

The details of our service: 1.  Costumers visit where we perform a detailed analysis based on the following criteria:

  • Cleanliness.
  • Terms of consumables.
  • Wear detection caused by handling.
  • Detection of possible extra wear damage.

This allows you to make a concrete assessment of repair required to return the best conditions for using the instrument. Thus the customer has a clear perception of the required service.

2.  Disassembly and thorough cleaning: immersion in a degreasing solution in order to eliminate fat accumulated by normal use; subsequent manual cleaning. This agrees with the principles governing our labour: not subjecting the instruments to corrosive materials that could harm it in short and medium term.

3.  After cleaning, all metal components are subjected to a protective anti-corrosive bath; the timber also will be cleaned and hydrated. This process relates to a principle of preventing wear and damage.

4.  Assembly, alignment, adjustment and review. Included in this phase the perfect padding, corks gluing, felts application, mechanism lubrication, correct the clearances, among other tasks.

The entire procedure is carried out with extreme care in the initial disassembly for cleaning and hydration, in the subsequent replacement of consumables, in the assembly, adjustment and mechanism alignment, in order to obtain the best quality corrections during the process.

After complete repair, the instrument only leaves our facility after the client has been able to test the work done in situ. The fact of performing a good service before the payment is another of the principles that governs our work, providing an extra benefit to the owner of the instrument: the personalization of it in order to achieve greater comfort in the interpretation by adapting the system to his physiognomy and preference. Therefore, the claim that none of our clients pay the service performed until complete satisfaction is fully established.

Finally, it proceeds to a final cleaning in order to eliminate all traces of foreign materials to the instrument as result of manipulation of the elements for a correct repair.

The search for a unique and individualized service is extended to the possibility that is our customer who chooses the supplies that will be used during the process: pads, springs, corks, felts, etc. Also, if the customer has any doubts about what specific supplies to choose, our company will offer you the different options best suited to your particular situation. According with this uniqueness in each repair, Winds Corner does not have prices lists of our services because they are all unique and adapted to each particular case.

We consider each case a new challenge. Bring us your own.

Don’t doubt to contact us. An attentive and personalized service awaits you.